Kickoff and Welcome to MagneCon
Allen Braswell, CEO and Founder
Adding HRV and HaloBeat to Your Practice
Dr. Rob Epstein, Director of Magneceutical University
Flawless Patient Experience: The Keys to a Full Practice
Debra Koerner Host and Executive Producer, Journey into Wellbeing

Eric  Stephenson, LMT, NCTMB
Dir. of Education imassage, Inc.
Fighting Inflammation by  Dr. David Seaman
Dr. David Seaman,
Open Secrets… Q&A with 
the Master 
Dr. Jerry Jacobson, Chief Science Officer and Founder
Neuropathy - a Packaged Solution
Dr. Ed Reilly
Self Care for Clinicians Pays Dividends
Eric  Stephenson, LMT, NCTMB
Dir. of Education imassage, Inc.
Clinician's Annual Survey Review
Allen Braswell, CEO and Founder 
"Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers"
Francis Bellido, PhD 
Amazing Results from the Animal Kingdom 
Dr. Marlene Siegel
Marketing the Magnesphere 
in your Business
Dr. Anissa Gruendler
Magnetic Fields and a Deep Dive 
into the Research
Tom Incledon,  PhD, HMA, RD, 
The Science Behind the "Jacobson Resonance Equation"
Dr. Jerry Jacobson, Chief Science 
Officer and Founder
Clinicians Share Their Favorite Patient Stories 
Why go to MagneCon?
This year's MagneCon was a resounding success, and here are a few reasons to join us next year: 
  • Last year's attendees increased their business by 35%
  • Direct access to Dr. Jerry Jacobson, who invented the Magnesphere 
  • Get certified in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring
  • Get a peek at upcoming improvements
  • Network with other top-performing clinicians 
  • Learn the latest marketing tools and techniques
  • Bring a key staff member to get them trained to take the reins for 2018
  • A good reason to come to Florida in the Winter
Enjoy the Sun and Surf in Clearwater, FL
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