Magneceutical | What sets us apart

What Sets Us Apart?

The Magnesphere is at the "head of the class" of innovative wellness products and services. Energy based therapies are here to stay and bring additional resources in our efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spend a few minutes and Learn What Makes Us Unique!

After watching this short video you will understand why there is no other product out there that offers the same benefits as the Magnesphere!

How We Compare to Other Magnetic Therapy Devices...

The Magnesphere is the only device that offers ...

Whole Body Immersion
in a Uniform Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field Strengths
Found Naturally in the Body
Infinite Number
of Magnetic Fields
Heart Rate Variability
A Learning System
40+ Patents

How we compare to traditional medical approaches:

The Magnesphere requires no...

How Magneceutical Health compares with
other magnetic therapy companies

Our company is American owned and operated,
and our products are manufactured in the United States

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